We have had a great experience with Alma Flor Ada. The staff is kind, and have been great throughout our child’s transition to the school. They communicate with us regularly and I love seeing the smiles from our son and hearing about his day. We are so excited that our child gets the opportunity to learn Spanish and look forward to watching him learn and grow with the Alma Flor Ada team!

   – Kristin & Rigo

“En muy poco tiempo Alma Flor Ada Supo ganarse un lugar en nuestros corazones. Llevamos a Emma todos los con la tranquilidad de que va a ser cuidada, querida y atendida, en un entorno de aprendizaje variado y constante. La energía del staff es muy positiva. La mejor prueba de esto es la felicidad con la que nuestra hija va a Alma Flor Ada todos los días. Gracias!!”

   – Sofia & Diego

AFA has been such a great experience for my 4 year olds! The teachers have been so welcoming and loving. After only a month they are counting in Spanish and teaching me so much. It has been so fun to watch their brains be stimulated and see them flourish in ways I didn’t expect. The school and staff are doing a great job of keeping everything clean and everyone healthy. I’m so pleased with our decision to attend Alma Flor Ada!

   – Courtney

We have two children at Alma Flor Ada, our daughter is in pre-school and our son is in kindergarten, and we could not be happier with the experience they are getting. They look forward to going to school every morning and come home happy. Our son is always excited to show off the new vocabulary he learned and has started using it around the house as much as he can. We can overhear our daughter singing to herself in her room in Spanish at night (she’s supposed to be sleeping, but we take what we can get!) The staff has been wonderful and the facility is amazing, I would fully recommend Alma Flor Ada to anyone.

   – Curtis & Amanda

We moved to Minnesota from Puerto Rico 2 years ago, one of the things that worried me the most is not having my children experience our culture. It was such a breath of fresh air when we met with the team at AFA, I felt like I was with friends within 5 minutes. Our son started attending the first day they opened and he has loved it. His teachers have been the best and they are so loving, he comes home so happy every day. I love seeing how even though he is growing far away where he was born, he gets to spend time learning about not only the island but also all the other amazing countries. Also he will be able to communicate with his grandparents which is the greatest thing for me! I am so excited to keep building our community around AFA, and looking forward to all the experiences we get to share within their walls.

   – Lorna

Our twins Hank and Blair (4years) attend the pre-K program here at Alma Flor Ada. The experience our children have had at AFA thus far has been incredible. The facilities are brand new and each class room is filled with all the latest learning tools/curriculum needed in today’s education. The curriculum is structured but the teachers also understand the independent/variety and fun needed for kids to thrive in this environment.

The staff loves on our children every single day we bring them to school and pays close attention to each child’s individual learning needs. The teachers use technology in the classroom that allows communication throughout the day with each parent. Videos, pictures, and messages are sent out throughout the day updating parents on how their child’s day is taking shape. The transition for our 4 year olds from at being home every day, to school 5 days a week was initially very stressful for us as parents and our children. Afa has helped us through that transition and we are so happy we made the decision to attend this amazing school.

   – Trace