Alma Flor Ada Spanish Immersion Early Learning Academy

We’re not a typical early learning center. We are Alma Flor Ada, a Spanish Immersion Early Learning Academy in Minnesota for children ages 24 months – Kindergarten. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers who inspire children through language, culture, and a superb STEM education curriculum. Through a culturally enriched learning environment, your child will gain the foundation to flourish in a global society.

The gift of knowledge doesn’t stop in the classroom. Your little one will be excited to share it all with you! When they grow, we all grow together.

Tu familia es nuestra familia. Your family is our family.


Alma Flor Ada Spanish Immersion
Early Learning Academy empowers
all children to flourish in a global world through Spanish language acquisition and social-emotional development.


Alma Flor Ada will create a foundation for future bi-literate learners including biliteracy outcomes for developing 21st-century skills. We promote and nurture an engaging, multilingual, and inclusive early childhood learning environment that embraces Spanish language and culture.


At Alma Flor Ada, we believe that a multilingual and child-centered learning environment, steeped in creativity, innovation, and cultural awareness prepares our young scholars to excel in life – global markets, education, industry, and beyond.

Dear Parents

I believe that investing in our children’s future is the most important contribution we can make toward their success and potential happiness. As a passionate advocate for children, helping children grow and learn through creative and innovative programming has been my mission.  As a parent and a Woodbury resident, I desperately wanted this enriched, language Immersion program for my two children. However, fifteen years ago when I was in your place as a parent, there wasn’t a program like Alma Flor Ada Spanish Immersion Early Learning Academy (AFA) in Woodbury or for that matter anywhere. 

I was excited when I learned of a small strand of Spanish immersion in the local public schools but like many parents, I was placed on a list and waited for a call that never came.

This frustration as a parent sowed the seeds for my desire to one day open a program in Woodbury that would meet the needs of children like my Sophia and Johnny. After twenty-five years of work in bilingual education in Minnesota, I have begun to realize my dream for culturally and linguistically authentic Spanish programming for Woodbury, Lake Elmo, and surrounding area families.

If you choose the AFA family, your child will have unique and authentic opportunities to explore, build, and grow through immersion in Spanish language and culture. Wherever your child’s journey takes them in the future, the gift of bilingualism will lay a solid foundation on which to build a brighter future.

I invite you to join the Alma Flor Ada Spanish Immersion Early Learning Academy community. It would be our honor to contribute to your child’s future at this very special time in their development.

With warm regards,